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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Top Ten..

The Top 10 global brands (as of 2005)

1. Coca Cola
2. Microsoft
3. IBM
4. GE
5. Intel
6. Nokia
7. Disney
8. McDonald's
9. Toyota

More details at Business Week Top 100 .. Intel has moved from position 6 in 2004 to 5th position in 2005 :)

Why am I writing this? Well.. this term one of the electives I have chosen is "Branding" and I have just fallen in love with this subject. Just amazed as to how these brands have really established themselves to success. I have been reading a lot about it and I seem to be viewing the branding world in a totally different way!!! This means you can expect to see more posts (trivia/insights/analyses!) regarding this on my blog often :)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Today is diwali and an official "holiday" for us (thats great news coz we hardly get any days off here!). Half the people have gone home for diwali celebrations and the rest of us are celebrating here on the campus itself. Today after a long time, I get to chill out in my room, all by myself without any assignments or deadlines hanging on my head. Could get that luxurious 8-9hrs of sleep and now happily lounging, catching up with all the blog readings that I have missed over the last few weeks, browsing the net, reading some WSJ and economic times (yeah, yeah, placements are coming up!) and replying to emails...

Friday, October 20, 2006

People dont like to be led...

A very nice article on leadership and what a B-school doesnt teach you about it..

As the article says, its my personal belief too that leadership is a state of mind. Its the art of influencing and directing people. Its all about passion and charisma to get people to accomplish a vision. Are leaders born or made? Well.. this can always be debated. The B-schools can just give the set of tools and cognitive skills that can make you more confident to lead but not turn you into a "leader" itself.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

One of the pictures that i took last year, same time..while trying to learn some photography skills :) Found while browsing thru and feeling nostalgic about the time when this was taken. Am sure someone who was present at that time while i took this, can associate with it too!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Letting go...

To let go does not mean to stop caring,
it means I can't do it for someone else.
To let go is not to cut myself off,
it's the realization I can't control another.
To let go is not to enable,
but allow learning from natural consequences.
To let go is to admit powerlessness,
which means the outcome is not in my hands.
To let go is not to try to change or blame another,
it's to make the most of myself.
To let go is not to care for,
but to care about.
To let go is not to fix,
but to be supportive.
To let go is not to judge,
but to allow another to be a human being.
To let go is not to be in the middle arranging all the outcomes,
but to allow others to affect their destinies.
To let go is not to be protective,
it's to permit another to face reality.
To let go is not to deny,
but to accept.
To let go is not to nag, scold or argue,
but instead to search out my own shortcomings and correct them.
To let go is not to adjust everything to my desires,
but to take each day as it comes and cherish myself in it.
To let go is not to criticize or regulate anybody,
but to try to become what I dream I can be.
To let go is not to regret the past,
but to grow and live for the future.

To let go is to fear less and love more
Remember: The time to love is short.

-- author unknown

Friday, October 6, 2006

Half the journey!

It's such a relief today to finally get done with the painful exams and catch up with that ever-wanted-but-always-short-of sleep!!! This term has been the shortest of all with just 4 weeks but seemed the longest to me! (not sure about the reasons). It marks the end of our core terms..which means I am a 50% MBA now :) Half the journey is thru...and 6 more months to get to that graduation day, when I'll have another degree added to my qualification.