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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Living by BEING...

While I talk about the paradoxical state of BEING vs DOING, I am reminded of this 47th verse of TAO and I absolutely love the way Lao Tzu has explained what it is like to just BE. Tao means 'The Path' or The way of life. Not religious, no dogma attached, no rituals...just connects you to the infinite being that you are.
Without getting out the door,
know the world.
Without looking out the window,
you may see the ways of heaven.
The farther one goes.
The less one knows.
Therefore the sage does not venture forth
and yet knows,
does not look
and yet names,
does not strive
and yet attains completion.

In this reality, we are all focussed mostly on 'Doing' rather than 'Being'. Heck, we are even called Human 'Beings' and not Human Doings and yet it is all about effort, striving, hard work, fixing things et al. It took me a while to actually get that BEING is just a space, a vibration, a frequency that you embody. It is what comes to you naturally. As an infinite being, we all are unique; there is no one else in this universe who is exactly like you. You have your own set of capacities, talents, abilities and potency. But in this reality people are busy trying to out create others, compete, mimic other people's thoughts, feelings and emotions rather than just be who they are. Mimicry is a huge thing. When I started asking the question - 'Whose reality am I living?" and "If I were to live my life the way I desire, and not based on other people's points of views, how would it be?" , I realized how much, unconsciously, I was mimicking other people, which includes my parents, friends, teachers, culture, society, religion etc etc. Once you acknowledge this and stop buying into other people's fixed points of views, you start to show up as more of YOU, who you truly be.

When you do things because you think it is right based on what society or family has told you, you are shifting your life into 'Doing' rather than 'Being', because you are not tapping into your own awareness or knowingness and instead getting into a path which is not natural to you. BEINGness is not a force. It comes to you effortlessly. If you feel as if your life is like an uphill climb, then it is time for you to shift from DOING into BEING. Keep choosing what makes you feel lighter, joyful & happy and expansive and you will tend to show up as more of who you truly are.

This one powerful tool of Access Consciousness, founded by Gary Douglas has helped me tremendously to let go of the crap that I had bought into from everyone and everything else around me so that I could figure out what Being me actually feels like. It is this simple question -
Every belief, point of view, thought, feeling, emotion that you have , just ask who does it really belong to? Is it yours or are you just being aware of what is going on with someone else? If it is not yours, just return to sender, whoever it is, doesn't matter! The more you return, the more you step into being YOU. You may dismiss it thinking it is way too simple so it won't work. I had thought so too because we love things to be complicated. You only know if it works when you use it :)
Very often I get asked, what is it that I actually do to have a successful business and live a fun filled life, as if my life is a long vacation. My response is always the same. It is not what I do but who I BE that actually creates a life that I desire. We are so used to logic and analysis that the mind always looks for a step by step process or a formula to create everything. But BEINGness does not have logic or a "how to". It is just a vibrational frequency that you operate in. Hence even my effort to define it here is futile! So just keep following your awareness/intuition/knowingness which usually comes like a feather touch and stop mimicking this reality, to get started :)

This doesn't mean you don't take action, but you never give up on your internal knowing. Awareness is always there, even when your eyes are closed and you are sitting still....
Happy BEING!

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