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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

18 days to go...

With just 18 days left for the placements week, the stress levels are soaring high all over the campus. I cant see a single soul out in campus after 10 or 11 in the night.. Everyone busy with their own groups cramming with those interview preps! 3 pages of job postings already on the placement portal and people seem to be so freaked out that looks like one is just ready to apply to any damn job thats posted on the site.

The stress has gotten to me also and am sure it will reach its peak soon! When I joined ISB I wanted a "great job" with a "great company" and "awesome compensation". Slowly after getting to know some realities it changed to a "good job" and a "decent role and pay". Now its come down to .. "I need any ONE JOB with a pay more than my last drawn salary"! :) Peer pressure and stress does get to you ... I guess thats the reason most of the people end up shifting jobs within 4-6 months after MBA...

In the last couple of weeks I have been amazed with myself as to how many things I can do in a day! I used to crib about 24 hours being too less but I guess MBA does teach you time management! My schedule has become very monotonous though.. looks somewhat like this
- Wake up to realize there is a class and run
- No pre reads (do some arbit CP in class!)
- Look for new job postings and crib about the work ex requirements (everything seems to be high!)
- Note down the deadlines and work on tweaking the resume (The resume has changed so much that sometimes i wonder if this is really me! If only I could write such a resume before, I would have probably been in Harvard or Stanford I guess! :-)) )
- Attend the PPTs or desperately look for a proxy (coz a few of them are mandatory)
- Enjoy the high tea :)
- Its 10PM and you suddenly realize that there are at least 2 assignments to be submitted in the morning!
- Use effective team management to finish the assignments :)
- Do interview prep for a couple of hours (its already 4AM by now)
- Tweak the resume a little more and apply to any job (if the deadline is close)
- Feel like you have achieved a great deal and hit the bed (around 5 AM)
- Wake up to realize there is a class and run!! (The schedule continues...)

Hmmm.... if only I could do so many things in a day before I came to ISB... well... ............ ..........

Friday, January 19, 2007


If you have landed up at my blog somehow (and if you are above 18 years :) ) then please spend your valuable 2 mins to fill this survey!

This is part of a Brand Plan Research Project that I am doing and your responses will be of great help!!

PS: The survey is open till 21st Jan midnight

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Movie time!

When there was an absolute need for a break amidst all the assignments, PrePlacement Talks and the interview preps, we got this cool idea (thanks to Mr. K!) of getting a projector and screening a movie in my quad (on the wall)... it was an awesome experience.. with good speakers, lights off and lots of stuff to munch on from 12 in the midnight... it was as good as a mini theater!! We had lots of visitors too :) Watched 2 movies.. Bas Ek Pal and then Pirates of the Caribbean- The curse of the Black Pearl... Looks like this is gonna happen every weekend from now on!

Here's a sneak preview of the set up!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

ISB radio features on The Hindu

The Hindu Education plus carries a story on ISB radio and a picture. Here is the link.

Monday, January 8, 2007

90 days to go!

I still remember this same day (7-Jan) last year... the day I got an admission offer from ISB. Though I had 2 other admits, this was something I was anxiously waiting for. I was thrilled, for my own reasons. Life just changed after that.... Its been a year now and am already done with 6 terms and just 90 days left from now... to graduate!!! Time does fly...