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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My new found passion - Poetry!

I had given it a shot the first time, when I was in class X... I had also won the first prize for it :) That was the end of it... never tried anything later. Today I felt like getting back this lost passion of mine.. Thanks to the "Creativity" course :) Here's my second one, that I wrote today..

As I lie down beneath the skies in solitude,
I am gazing at the stars, thinking of you
Reminiscing those wonderful moments and the passionate mood,
I wonder if you are thinking of me too…

When we met, I knew there was something about you,
I still remember that friendship, so pure and true.
Never once did I speculate, my Mr. Right, is it you?
I wonder if you are thinking of me too…

I believed our friendship held us strong and close,
That our love bound us and endlessly grew
I was glad that you were the one I chose,
Now I wonder if you are thinking of me too…

Never knew what the days ahead would bring,
I just wished and prayed it would be only you.
An everlasting bond, I was longing!
Now I’m just left wondering, if you are thinking of me too…


Looks like my creativity brims at 12AM in the midnight these days! :)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas tree at SV1... (taken without flash)

Taken from my room window about a week back...

One more thru the window...

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Wow! This looks like a repeat telecast !! As I still hear, from my room, the very hummable number "Kya mujhe pyaar hai..." by K.K playing from the lawns here.. I think... Last night (or shud I say early morning today) when I got back from the party I told myself ... its ok to take this break once in a while.. its fine to have not studied or done anythign productive at all in a day... and not feel guilty about it!!

I thought... today I will refrain from attending the party.. its not gonna be anything different! Well.. i forgot that resolutions are always meant to be broken :) My roommie drags me to this party coz it was happenign at SV1 and she also needed a break badly as she missed the one last nite (and I made her feel a little "J"!) I thought.. again .. that I would stay there for just half an hour and get back to my project.. but well.. again.......... I can see the clock strike almost 5AM now.!!!! I must say this is one of the best parties "I" have every been to in ISB... awesome fun, great energy, cool music and full of life!!! and of course a good way to catch up and network with the alums (considering this is a 1 yr program)

I can see myself back into some grillling and grinding from tomorrow(rather today !) with all the assignments due throughout the week and the exams approaching... welll... I say to myself.. this is life.. isn't it? :)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Beginning or the end?!

Its 5.25AM and it is freakin cold out here. I didnt know hyderabad wud get so cold!! I have no idea if i shud call this the beginning or an end of my day!! The last I stayed awake so late was in Term 3 doing MADM assignment... well the reason today is different though... We have our Solstice - the annual ISB alumni meet this weekend, starting today and hence had a cool party by our alumns, including those from the founding batch.. I guess many people (including me) got stressed out after the "gyaan" session by alumns on the placement scenario and the party was a cool way to unwind and chill out..

I have no clue what my fingers are typing i guess its time to hit the bed!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


A photo taken by one of my professors. I thought this is just awesome!!
Prof. Punya Mishra. Source:

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Technology Impact

Two of my classmates have created this new blog on "Impact of technology on business". There are some really interesting topics discussed and some nice gyaan to take away. Those of you who are tech savvy might want to bookmark this - "Tech-impact blog"

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

55 fiction

I have this course called "Creativity, Innovation and Design" which I chose this term and it seems pretty interesting. The Prof sure does make it very different than the usual boring case studies or lectures.

He made us try out this thing called "55 word fiction" in today's class. The task is to write an original story in just 55 words or less (MAX 55 words and not a single word more). It sure does seem easy but trust me I spent hours to do this!! As you go on you realize how tough it is to express an idea in just 55 words. You will also realize that you dont need too many words to create an impact in the reader's mind.

This exercise is used widely to test the creative ability and the thought process of a person.

Here's what i have... any comments? I dont know how comprehendable this is!!

We were unique and so good together. We held each other so close and thought we would never part. But now it was time to let go. We said goodbye and never did we look back. The door bell woke me up and he was calling out. I muttered “Oh God! We are still together!!”

Monday, December 4, 2006

ISB Leadership Summit

The ILS, which is ISB's flagship event was held on 2nd December and was a good learning experience, listening to the eminent leaders of the various industries. Here is the summary of the talks given by various panels.

ISB celebrates its 5th anniversary

Today was the 5th anniversary celebrations of ISB and its nice to see how this school has come a long way to be what it is right now! Cheers!!

And yes..not to forget..our own ISB radio was launched today... here are some pictures of the event today

ISB radio launch video....

The ISB radio team :)

Former Dean addressing the students...

Friday, December 1, 2006


Well.. the post itself conveys my "hyper" excited state right now :) I have never been this excited for a loooong time now!!!!!! Reason? I got my very first chance to try out the role of an RJ on our brand new ISB radio channel which will be launched pretty soon!!! I've always wanted to try this out but never really found the right time or the opportunity but am glad today that I have done one more item on my checklist of things i wanna do in life :)