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Monday, October 10, 2011

Rebirth & Renewal....

Well, am not going to post something philosophical here but I am referring to the rebirth & renewal of this much neglected blog of mine! For the past 1.5 years, since the time I got married (can't believe its been so long already!) I haven't been actively posting here. It took me a long time to settle down in a new lifestlye - a new role, new country, and a brand new venture of my own. Writing used to be my favorite pastime but I just lost the inclination towards writing about anything till now (well, kind of a writer's block you can say!). But I somehow seem to have got that spark back in me now, so I am back here to get this blog rolling again and post my thoughts here more often!

Now there cannot be anything better to start off than writing about my first venture! It's been, officially, 8 months since I registered my company "Revive" here in Singapore and I am glad to see that it's going great, way beyond my expectations! Considering the fact that I moved here last November (to a new country where I hardly knew anyone!) and I started it in just 3 months after moving, the amount of progress I have made, makes me feel proud of myself! It's a great self-assurance to know that I have the ability to dream something different and bring it into reality. I must accept that it did take a lot of courage to give up a well paying, secure job after an MBA and jump into an unknown territory of starting a venture in a niche area. But the journey has been very pleasurable and the learnings have been invaluable! I have come to discover things about myself and grown personally & professionally. I had to break my barriers of being reserved about approaching new people and talking about "my venture" (well, actually selling it!). I forced myself to join networking groups to widen my contact circle & get visibilty. It was initially tough but now I have started enjoying it! I hardly spend on advertising or marketing and rely solely on "word-of-mouth". This is working wonders for me becoz I believe that business is not just about getting customers but building relationships with them!

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