Friday, February 11, 2011

Revive - A holistic approach to health & life

After a month's long effort and 3 months of planning, my very own center for complementary & alternative medicine is finally up and running!

You can check out the website at

You can join the facebook page & follow the regular updates at!/pages/Revive-Holistic-Center/131316900268842?v=wall

It has been a great journey starting from envisioning the concept of Revive, developing and planning it and actually putting it to implementation. Above all, it gives me immense satisfaction and inner happiness that I've always been looking for and that's what keeps me going!

I had never ever imagined that I would be starting a venture all on my own, but here it is, all set and done! My MBA skills acquired at ISB definitely came handy. I would have probably never had this level of confidence to take the risk and do everything single handedly, without my education at ISB. It's only towards the end that I realized how much of an effort it takes to start even the smallest possible venture! And the work still continues... to make it better and aim to be the best..

The center is now functional in Singapore and I will be providing the following services/workshops
- Hypnotherapy
- Reiki healing & trainings (Level 1,2,3A,3B)
- Tarot Readings
- Egyptian Card Readings
- Yoga
- Meditation
- Crystal Healing

Monday, February 7, 2011

Singapore - first impressions

It's been almost 2 months now since I moved to Singapore and it has been great so far. Being here is a very refreshing change from the middle east, no doubt! One great aspect is definitely the weather, unlike Dubai it allows me to step out of the house and do something. Though it pours like crazy on sometimes, most of the days the weather is quite pleasant and very welcoming....

Singapore, which is a city as well as a country on its own is a very small place. It will probably take just 45mins by train to go from one end of the country to the other. So you can reach any place nearby just walking around. The public transport - MRT, buses and cabs are extremely efficient and easily accessible, hence there is no real need to own a car (well, even if you want to, it is just not affordable here!). In addition, the city is very clean, green and nice and walking is a great pleasure!

We live very close to the East Coast Park (which is to the south of singapore and is along the beach which is well maintained) so the beach is just a few minutes walk from home :) Not to forget the beautiful sea view from the balcony, looking at which gives immense peace and calmness to the mind! I absolutely love this place....hope it gets better as the days and months pass by!