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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Movie Review: Kahaani

Watched this movie over the weekend and seriously I have all praises for it!! It's probably one of the very few women centric movies in Bollywood, which has a compelling script, good plot, well directed and amazing performance by Vidya Balan. She has carried off the entire movie on her shoulders and has done a darn good job at it!

Since the plot is a mystery, I would dare not write much about it and spoil the readers' experience! As shown in the trailors, all I knew when I went to watch it was that the story is about a pregnant woman who goes to Kolkatta in search of her missing husband and how she struggles to find his wherabouts. There was not a single point during the movie where I felt it was boring or the climax was given away. It kept me guessing till the last scene and boy was I taken by surprise with the climax!

It's no doubt a MUST watch!! Very rarely Bollywood comes up with such substantial movies! And Vidya Balan's performance is something you would not want to miss. The fact that there are few songs included (even those that are there are pretty much in background or intro) and the duration is just about 2 hrs, makes it all the more easy to watch, without wasting time on adding in an unnecessary item number just to get a box office hit! When there is a strong story line and a great performance, a movie really would not need a hot n sexy chic doing a guest appearance with an item number just to hit the box office records, isn't it?!

After the movie got over, I could actually draw a lot of paralles between this and the movie "A Wednesday". They seem to be giving a common message but with a different story...What do you say?