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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fight Club

I would see raised eyebrows when friends asked me 'have u watched fight club?' and my answer was - No! I had heard some people talk so passionately about this movie that I used to wonder what's this all about?! After watching it, I do agree with all these reviews that I have heard... I felt the movie is too complicated to follow in one shot, but I was glad I had someone along to resolve my confusions! I would love to watch it a couple of more times; am sure I'll appreciate it more and get a better understanding of the plot, every time I see it!

"How much do u know about yourself until u have been in a fight?" is the punch line of fight club. The raw-animalistic-instincts for survival, the rush of emotions and rollercoaster experience that surface in a fight forms the core of this movie...

I wont get to the details of the can be found doing google search :) What I liked about the movie is that it's a fast paced non stop journey, bringing a rush of adrenalin, with stunning performances by Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. Never once did I notice a slack where I could just take off my attention from what's happening... a thorough entertainer

I really wonder how hollywood comes up with such wonderful, thought provoking movies!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Phoolon ke rang se....

Some pics that I took at the Lalbagh flower show -2008 which happened sometime last week in blore.. It was a great experience! Lovely collection of flowers, a lot of varieties and pretty well organized...

Dont ask me to identify the flowers, I still haven't done enough research to figure out the names :)

I got this one - Dianthus Barbatus

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Book Review: Lolita

Author: Vladimir Nabokov

Phew! I finally finished reading this book... took me almost 2 full months, not becoz I had no time but 'coz it's one of the weirdest books I've read so far. I was determined though, to read the book till the last page just so that I dont end up missing out on something. I've read a lot of good reviews on this book so I'm not going to say it's bad - but it just wasn't my type or maybe I just didnt know how to approach the book! I ought to accept that I had a tough time reading it....

English is not english when it's written by Vladimir Nabokov. This is the first time that I couldn't grasp too much from a book written in english :) It's like learning a new language. It reminded me of my GRE/GMAT preps when I used to go thru the huge word list and wonder who on earth would really use those long-complex words! Now I know who does ;-) But I really appreciate the choice of words that the author uses. If you go dig it up in a dictionary, you'll realize that no other word could describe what he means, in a better way. It's that appropriate!

The book is in a first person narrative. One of the weirdest stories I've ever read. Not acceptable on moral grounds; I just couldn't digest it. It's about Humbert Humbert, an adult-middle-aged guy who is obsessed with nymphets. He goes as a lodger in one of the lonely widow's house where he gets attracted to her 12 yr old daughter - Lolita. He marries the widow so that he gets to stay close to Lolita. After his wife's death, he seduces his 12 year old step-daughter and has an "affair" or to be precise, a sexual relationship with her for nearly 2-3 yrs.

The author does know that such relationships are not acceptable by rational human beings and he brings out this acceptance through Humbert's character. He describes very well, how Humbert's and Lolita's conscience are at work...thru all this, and more importantly what effect this whole thing has on young Lolita's mind and her life. Due to the subject matter, the book was very difficult to read at times - all boundaries of ethical behavior crossed..

The story is definitely compelling and something that can really give you goose bumps, but I wish it was written in a simpler way so that I could understand and appreciate it better! But as of now, I guess I wouldn't really recommend the book ... unless, of course you are someone who is experimental in literature and wants to read a book that is very differently written!

The challenge list -
1. Sister of my heart- Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni (India)
2. The Reluctant Fundamentalist - Mohsin Hamid (Pakistan)
3. A thousand splendid suns - Khalid Hosseini (Afghanistan)
4. The Bastard of Istanbul - Elif Shafak (Turkey/Armenia)
5. Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov (Russia)
6. To kill a mocking bird - Harper Lee (USA)
7. The Conservationist- Nadine Gordimer (South Africa)
8. One hundred years of solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Columbia)
9. The Book Thief - Markus Zusak (Australia)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The moment of truth

One more addition to the band of reality shows these days! I watched this new show which premiered in Asia on star world yesterday. Hosted by Emmy nominated Mark Walberg, the show is all about telling the truth and winning money - upto US$500,000!! Well, who wouldn't want to take a shot at this then? ;-) The hitch here is that the contestants are strapped to a lie detector to validate the answers. Prior to the show, each contestant is asked about 50 qns by a polygraph expert who records the answers but its not revealed to the contestants. During the actual show, 21qns out of these 50 are asked randomly and for each answer that is TRUE the contestant wins money and moves ahead. The questions get more and more embarassing and personal, as you move up the ladder.. Also, there will be a surprise guest who can come and ask the question to the contestant... that could be the person's father, mother, friend, wife..or anyone for that matter and ask just about anything.... good opportunity to get the truth out? :)

Though it seemed like some new concept, how real can this reality show get?! Everyone of us have our own secrets; everyone of us would have lied to people close to us at some point...maybe for the good or bad.. So would someone be willing to expose their deep down dark secrets on national television, infront of their family and loved ones?? Yesterday's show had some questions like -
- Have you ever cheated on your wife?
- Have you flirted with other women after marriage?
- Have you ever lied to get a job? etc...
Even though its a game show, the fact that they claim there is a lie detector does make it sound authentic... The show does get uncomfortable and shocking at times. I wonder would someone be willing to risk their precious relationships in life for about 1.5millions?!! Especially when trust forms such an important aspect of any relationship.....Well, am sure there are people who would, for whatever reasons...coz the show is on :)

Well here's something that Walberg has to say -
“Many times I ask them if the money is worth the pain you are causing. And they would say it’s not the money. I think people come on the show to reveal things they won’t say at home"


Here's a small clip of one of the contestant's game - watch it...its fun!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Books & Reading...

A friend fwded the link to this video yest and I so really loved it!!!! It's just abt 1min long but never fails to impress u..everytime u watch. I wish I could write something like this!!!