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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ghazal Maestro..

I managed to get almost the entire collection of Jagjit Singh's ghazals finally! Been listening to it since the last 3 weeks and I am so mesmerized by his music .. I have no words to put across. Had heard a few famous ghazals of his but never really listened to the whole set... now I'm an even bigger admirer of him. He is undoubtedly one of the most well known ghazal singers in the world today. Found these lines on some website while reading about him..

"His voice, a true gift of God, has the pain that an "Ashiq" feels after loosing his beloved, the love that a mother seeks for her child, the tranquility that a "Saaqi" delivers, the willing fear that a boy has when she walks in the room. There is absolutely no doubt that Jagjit Singh with his unique composing and singing style is the torchbearer of the survival of Ghazals in India."

The kind of intoxication that he gets in his voice (whatever may be the reason!) is AWESOME... it's mystical and it just takes me into a state of trance. A bad day.. quirky mood.. whatever be it.. listening to a couple of his ghazals just gets me back to feeling good... Well thats what music does... whatever kind it may be.. but this works wonders for me! Missed his live concert twice... once in b'lore and hyd.. Hoping that I get one more chance...

Few of his MUST HEAR songs...
  • Tum itna jo muskurarahe ho... (Arth)
  • Jhuki jhuki si nazar.. (Arth)
  • Tumko dekha to yeh khayal aaya.. (Saath Saath)
  • Hoshwalon ko khabar kya.. (Sarfarosh)
  • Hoton se choolo tum.. (Prem Geet)
  • Tera chehra kitna suhana hai..
  • Koi fariyaad.. (Tum Bin)
  • Badi Nazuk hai.. (Jogger's Park)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


This has been my latest craze ... picked up solving sudoku puzzles about 3-4 weeks back and have been hooked on to it since then. It's been a couple of years since I've been seeing people around me play this game... and I used to wonder why these ppl are so crazy about it.... and what pleasure they derive out of this ?! So finally I decided to give it a shot myself and now I know "why"! You just need to learn the tips'n tricks of the trade and trust me it's very addictive! I need a daily dose of it now :) I initially started solving it by taking prints and using pencil .... but now I play it online... I feel this is tougher than writing things down... needs a lot of concentration to keep mental notes.. but still.. its fun..... and of course a great exercise for the brain.. which usually doesnt get much out of my typical BA job :)

Here's a link that says "how to solve sudoku without thinking".. found this today while generally browsing.. didnt quite like this strategy.. as the whole point of thinking and solving is lost...