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Monday, November 27, 2006

most clicked blog?!

I was just checking out the league of ISB bloggers.. which keeps track of all the bloggers at ISB, includes our alum batches too. Here is the link It has a section called "most clicked blogs" and I was surprised to see mine as the 2nd most clicked in the list :) Didnt know that my blog gets so many hits! Hmmm....

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Three more to go...

Here comes the customary post! Yeah you guessed it right... end of another term :) Just three more to go! I must say every term I feel that the term flew faster than the previous ones!! Days seem so short here, in the ISB world!! This term was a little different from the previous ones... our electives started and for once I loved all the subjects that I was studying! Also, we had different sections and multiple study groups.. it was fun interacting with new people. Its been 6 months and it was surprising to see that I had met only about 70% of the batch :)

Couple of days and a new term begins. Lots and lots of things to do...Its going to be the most busy and the most overloaded term of my year. I have overloaded it myself, so no one to blame!! Looking forward to it... at least i will become better at stress & time management, if not anything else :)

Just a tangential thought... found this quote somewhere...
"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning"

Kind of describes what I am thinking right now..

Thursday, November 9, 2006

The name's Bond, James Bond!!

Heres a very nice article about building brand value. It talks of how the "James Bond" brand has been leveraged and still sustaining... Though being consistent is very essential in building a brand.. retaining the relavance is more important and as the article says, this is where the brand has done very well.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006


(wrote this post last nite...but for some reason blogger was not allowing me to publish it)

This term all of us were supposed to grade each other's GSBC mid term papers (a new innovative idea of our prof!). So it was kind of a general agreement on campus that everone will be lenient towards each other.. (live and let live types :) ) Well all that apart... we had received the papers to be graded (mostly anonymous) about 2-3 weeks back and I knew the deadline was sometime in the first week of November to submit the graded exam paper. Thanks to my illness (I was bed-ridden for about a week and still in stages of recovering now but able to walk :-)) that I completely forgot that yesterday evening 5pm was the deadline. Today while in class, something strikes me and I suddenly remember that there was this submission around today.. here is the conversation that followed....

Me: (Out of the blue)Shit!! Isnt today the deadline for the GSBC submission??
K: (Who was reading somethign seriously) No.. that was last evening 5pm itself!!!
Me: (Really worried look not knowing what to say and thinking K is just bluffing...)
K: Seriously!
Me: (looking more worried)
K: Its ok ..dont worry... it will just take you max 1 hr to it after class now and submit.
A: (Who heard us and also saw me worried) Its ok man... it wont even take u 1 hr...just 15 mins or so..thats enough!
K : (A little puzzled)
Me: (A little relaxed!)
Chi: Just chill... it will take u just 2 mins to evaluate :-)
Me: (More relaxed now!!!!!!!)
K: (More puzzled and hoping it wasnt his paper) Dude!! Come on! Dont tell me u evaluated the paper in just 2 mins!!
Chi: Gives a smile :-)
K: (Serious but puzzled tone) Dude! it will take u half an hour to understand the policy...another half an hour to read thru and grade the paper!! How can u decide someone's marks in just 2 mins!!!
Me: :-))))))

the class starts....

hmm...well i finally submitted the graded paper..i dont want to reveal how much time it took me though... :)