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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Travelogue: Kuching (Malaysia)

Continuing with my travels, I visited yet another country 2 weeks back. So that makes it 8 countries in 1 year :) The more I travel, the more I seem to enjoy it!

There was a long weekend 2 weeks back and we planned a short 3 day trip to Kuching which is towards the eastern side of Malaysia, in the state of Sarawak. It's probably one of the greenest cities I have seen so far. The entire city is painted GREEN with plants and trees, absolutely anywhere you go. It was truly a visual treat!! There are hardly any high rise buildings, you will find only villas and bungalows through out. So it also has a very spacious vast feeling unlike Singapore where you are surrounded with tall structures everywhere.

Weather wise it was not a great time to visit as it was onset of summer. Being a tropical climate the humidity was very high and it was tough to venture out during the day time. Yet we managed to do a short jungle trek, in one of the nearby islands at Bako National Park. Well, contrary to what we were told that we could see "wild" animals there, the only thing we spotted were monkeys :) It was quite a streneous trek, given the heat and humidity. But the 45 minutes motor boat ride to the island and back was more adventurous for me! Given the fact that I am hydrophobic and it was my first time sitting in such a small boat and going on the sea in such speed, I had my heart in the mouth!

We stayed about half an hour drive away from the city at Peramai Rainforest Resort, in one of their Tree houses. This was again a brand new experience for us! It was amazing to stay among the trees, right next to the beach, in a wooden tree house which would shake everytime you walk inside! The freaky sounds of insects, the mosquitoes, the rains and the noisy waves hitting the shore at night all added to our experience. I would highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Kuching as against staying in the city in a usual hotel. The people in the resort were very friendly and gave a good service. The food was nothing great, especially me being a vegetarian I really had a tough time finding something edible to eat. I am not a big fan of malaysian food either. But I did manage to survive :)

We also visited the city and did some shopping. The Sunday market, which is a tourist attraction was closed by afternoon and we had no idea about it and we missed it. The city seemed to be like a very relaxed and laid back place. Everything shuts down early and there is nothing much to do even as a tourist. It's a good place to visit if you want to just go unwind, be close to nature and relax!