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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

HP mania

What happens when there are 4 people planning to watch a movie and 3 of them are crazy Harry Potter fans? Yeah, u guessed it right! The 4th person (me) has no choice but to watch the movie with them! Last night 4 of us planned a long movie marathon, since there are no classes today. So after a lot of debate the whole day, I convinced people to start with 'Sarkar'. I personally feel this is a really well made movie, with outstanding performances (obviously keeping aside the Godfather comparison). Since the crowd was not in a mood for serious kinda movies, half way thru the movie, the obvious choice was Harry Potter! I have never ever touched this book in my life and have zero knowledge about the whole plot.... but..... that doesnt stop anything... At 12 in the midnight, I was explained the entire background and story, right from scratch (dont miss the enthusiasm part here :) ) and we screened back to back of HP - Socerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets. 12.00 to 6AM!!! Thanks to SM for having given me a scene by scene explanation that i could follow the story really well! I must agree that it was fun... though am still not a big fan of it... but i would definitely love to watch the rest of the movies in this series soon!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The final term begins today and life seems a LOT different at ISB now. Being employed again is definitely a great relief!! Generally the mood on campus is relaxed and most of the people who would just walk by u as if you are invisible, are now ready to start a conversation anywhere u come across on the way! So that shows people have all the time in the world now :) Especially I feel like suddenly a heavy load is lifted from my head and I have no clue what to do for 20 hrs in a day!! My sleep cycle is also screwed up over the last couple of months and I have become nocturnal... so the only good time pass for me as of now is to watch movies and more movies! Times do change... with just 5 weeks more to graduate, now I really feel that the time is too short to enjoy life at ISB... I'm gonna miss it!! (never thought I wud say this!)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Phewww!!!! :)

This post needs no explanation... if u have been tracking my blog off late, it speaks for itself :) :)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Near the finish line..

With the ISPM exam getting over today, term 7 comes to an end, with just one class left for tomorrow. So that leaves just one more term to finish my MBA! This was pretty fast I must say! I still feel like I came back from blore after new year's celebrations and already the term is over with 10 more days remaining for the D-Day! This has been one of the most hectic terms so far, where I have seen all 24hrs of the day (being awake i mean :)) , most of the days! With all this stress, life's pretty fun too... doing mock interviews, trying to stress the interviewee at 12 in the night and getting some sadistic pleasure :) It's fun to be on the other side of the table... hope I get to be there soon!!