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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Music - A powerful trigger for past memories

Have you ever heard a specific song or a piece of music which has instantly triggered your past memories? Am sure a lot of us have, and it is scientifically proven that just thinking about a particular song can trigger vivid memories of your past or certain special events in your life. I have always loved music and have several favorites which take me back the memory lane, to my teenage years...

But it's only yesterday I had this incredibly weird experience of listening to a specific tune from a Bollywood movie I watched yesterday, composed by A.R.Rehman, which instantly triggered some deep emotions and memories from a past life. I always knew this is possible and I do regressions day in day out as part of my job but I had never experienced it this way. Spontaneous regressions are possible if you have had special connections with people, places, languages, smells and even music. Certain movies can trigger the past life memories too, if you have experience similar emotions, situation or relationships before. We may have been inclined to like or dislike these elements and they serve as a bridge to our past and help us uncover a part of ourself that is distant, yet familiar.

A lot of us dismiss such things thinking it is just imagination, because we see such things happen in movies (even I used to be a skeptic few years back) but if you actually follow it through and allow the memories to come up completely and absorb it, you will be amazed at how it can put the pieces of the puzzle together in your current life and give more clarity to issues you maybe facing. You will be amazed at how powerful the sub-conscious mind is. It know exactly what we need to see at this stage in life and shows only the relevant it all happens for a reason, if only you can trust your instincts and tune inwards to explore further...!

So if you have any specific songs or tunes that evoke such an intense response, maybe you should spend time and indulge in it to allow the memories to come up and you never know what wisdom may come out of it! :-)