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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Music that grows....

All of us wud have experienced at some point, the kind of music which when heard for the first time may not sound good, but it just grows on us as we keep listening to it. The music from the movie 'Life in a Metro' is one such good example. Here are the songs that I am talking about
  • Alvida (the best song in the movie)
  • Rishtey..
  • Baatein kuch ankahee si...
  • In dino..
  • O meri jaan
The first time I heard these songs was when I watched the movie in the theater. I just found it to be very boring and all the songs seemed quite similarly composed. But I started listening to it about 2-3 weeks back and I've fallen in love with each and every song. It seems to create a magical effect on my mood everytime I listen to them, even today!

One unique thing is that the movie has "all male" singers. KK has done an awesome job again. The guitar work in "Alvida..." is superb... and I am falling short of words to appreciate the lyrics of this song apart from the lovely music..

Highly recommended, if u still haven't heard them... If u dont like them in the first shot, keep listening and u might start loving them, just like I did :)


Sameer 'JOSH'i said...

gee thanks! i downloaded them yesterday. they ARE good [:)]

Krishna said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by.That was a pleasant surprise :).
For me, some of Rahman's recent songs fit this trend..

Suresh S said...

The songs are really good. I love In dino...