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Sunday, July 29, 2007

DD Ads..

A couple of days back, me and my colleagues were discussing about how Ads/TV commercials aid in capturing the mind-space of the end users and also help in creating brand value. .. we talked about a lot of TV commercials that used to be featured on Doordarshan (that was the only TV channel at that time!) decades ago... but still they are so fresh in our memories... isn't it surprising to see how simple these Ads were (unlike the present ones where every other Ad has a celebrity to capture attention!) yet they have left a permanent mark in our minds!

Some of the Ads that we all could remember very vividly, along with the jingle/song :) A couple of them also send across a strong message in a subtle way...

Hamara Bajaj

Gold spot

Ek Anek (one of the cutest ad/commercial i have seen!)

Mile sur mera tumhara
(I have heard this a zillion times but yet I am not able to map all the lines to their corresponding languages!)


senthil said...

I was presenting a couple of ideas for change in Business education in India for enabling our national goal of inclusive growth & the Ek Anek hindi commercial that i got to see after a very very long time in your blog came in handy & was a pleasent surprise for most people...The add is so simple yet has so much of depth in it..

Pratima said...

Glad that it helped...